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Maximizing Your Franchise Sales

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There are so many different kinds of business franchisers; quick-serve fast food, retail, seniors services, education, health and fitness, mailing, etc.  if there is a market for it, there is a franchise for it.

The Canadian Franchise Association states that one of the reasons why people start up with a franchise is that the franchise business they are investing in has a proven record of success.  People want to ensure that they are buying into a successful business to ensure their profitability and success.

When someone is at the point where they are looking into becoming a franchisee, there might be a list of things that they are looking for, and one misstep in their journey can cause them to cross your franchise off their list.  The response (or lack thereof) or the length of response times from a phone call or contact form inquiry maybe all that deters a franchise sale from being made.

Ensuring your front line customer-facing staff are responding in a timely manner and in both professional personable ways is your first step in maximizing your sales.
We can give you this invaluable insight and help improve your sales. Calls and online contact are the most cost-effective and valuable measurement tools that we offer.
What are your competitors doing?  That list that a potential investor has includes other franchises, your competition.  What is the competition doing that could potentially be pulling in your market share?  What are they doing to win people over and keep them?  Finding out where your competition is will help you define or redefine your sign up process to ensure you keep your market share. Insight into the competition may also help highlight what you can do to keep franchisees. These insights can be easily obtained though a custom Competitor Intelligence program.
Once you have the franchisee invested in your franchise, ensure they are an evangelist or promoter of your brand to other investors by keeping them happy.  Ask them how they are doing and what you can do better with a VoC program.  This quick and simple survey gives them a voice and give you actionable data to advance your continuous improvement program.
Once the franchise is open and running, how do you determine that it is operating on-brand? There are many different moving parts such as integrity issues resulting in loss or shrinkage that need to be monitored.  There are also potential for issue with not representing your brand as expected. Are the franchisees using off-brand condiments to save money?  Are they using non-approved packaging to make portions smaller or to be more cost effective?  All of these and many more issues can impact your brands' reputation and creating and running a Mystery Shopping program can monitor these issues with objective evidence.
From the very beginning of looking into investing in your franchise all the way to after open day, Shoppers Confidential has a program that will help you gain investors, keep them signed on, and have your customers coming back for more.
Interested in more programs and services?  Check out our page about Franchises and Franchisees.
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