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Website Evaluations

Get an 'outside' perspective to show you bumps along your customer's journey.


Customer feedback is incredibly important to the way that businesses function. Almost every business engages in some kind of customer feedback program for its physical locations, be it through mystery shoppers or customer surveys. What some businesses fail to review, though, is customer feedback for their websites. Proper website evaluations can help a business determine not only how well their sites are performing, but also what changes are needed to be made in order to improve user and Customer Experience.

What are Website Evaluations?

Website evaluation, as you might expect, revolves around evaluating websites. This process is generally one that helps businesses determine how well their sites work, how easily the site is to navigate and how the current design of the site is in terms of user experience. A website evaluation is a bit like a secret shopper’s visit to the store – it’s a good way for businesses to find out how well certain aspects of their operations are running and what they can do to improve the experiences of their customers.


Why Are Website Evaluations Important for Business-Owners?

First and foremost, website evaluations matter because they provide a great deal of data from a real-world perspective. All too often businesses design sites and assume they work well because they are beautifully designed. When someone from the outside makes use of the site, the business is better able to tell how the average person will actually interact with the design. This, in turn, allows the business to better understand what their customers are seeing and how that point of view can impact the utility of the site.

At the same time, these evaluations provide a kind of objective feedback that can go into the improvement of a business’ website site. Because those looking at the site are focusing on specific elements of design, the data gathered can be used to improve site functionality. The suggestions can include changes to elements such as:

  • Font changes
  • Image and visual recommendations
  • Navigation Improvements
  • Shopping and checkout modifications
  • Page and content recommendations

Trust Shoppers Confidential to Help You Improve Your Online User Experience

It’s always important to trust your website evaluation to a team that knows and understands the importance of customer experience. Shoppers Confidential’s mystery shopping services not only provide data for in-store issues – they help businesses understand the customer experiences on their websites. Shoppers Confidential makes it easy for real shoppers to fill out these evaluations, which in turn makes it possible for businesses to get information from the people who matter most. With the right kind of data in hand, a business can fix the flaws in its website and double down the features that customers love.



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