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Mystery Shopping For Education, Schools, Seminars

Organizations that provide educational programming, including universities and colleges, benefit immensely from mystery shopping services because our mystery shoppers understand the unique demands of your complex audiences.

Shoppers Confidential offers sophisticated evaluation programs and effective solution propositions to help your educational institution attract and retain the next generation of learners and leaders by providing an in-depth understanding of the customer or student experience.

Mystery Shopping empowers you to understand your audiences

When you are catering to the needs of students, it can be difficult to imagine exactly what they may be looking for when preparing to participate in the ever-changing modern market. There may be significant generational gaps between your leadership team and the learners you are hoping to appeal to.

While this structure likely means you are esteemed academics, coaches and educators, your specific knowledge may not translate into marketing and customer service best practices. This is where Shoppers Confidential comes in.

We will work with you to establish an evaluative framework that will identify any opportunities for improvement within your outreach to students, as well as any gaps or challenges that arise once they have chosen to participate in your learning experiences or seminars.

Educational Institutions and Organizations Served

Shoppers Confidential provides diligent customer experience evaluation and mystery shopping services to education facilities and continued education organizations such as:

  • Colleges and Universities
  • Specialized technological institutes
  • Seminars and programs
  • Educational or specialized learning retreats

You want the best for your students, and we want the best for your institution.


Evaluate Student Experience

You’ve chosen the educational services industry because you want to inspire a love of learning and encourage your students to achieve their academic, learning and lifestyle goals. Our team of professionals will help you do this by acting just like students who are researching about and/or interacting with your brand and real-life learning modules.

From evaluating the compassion and competence of the team members who answer students’ administrative and finance questions through to analyzing the effectiveness of the educators who will be shaping your students’ experiences, Shoppers Confidential will develop a comprehensive mystery shopping service plan to address all of the key performance indicators of your institution.


Mystery Shopping and Experience Services Available to Educational Facilities

Shoppers Confidential provides a suite of customized mystery shopping and customer experience services to educational facilities:

  • Voice of the Customer: Our Voice Of the Customer programs allows us to gather insights from current students in an effort to gather an in-depth understanding of their experience at your college, university or educational facility.
  • Competitor Intelligence: Our Competitor Intelligence program allows us to review similar educational facilities and programs and evaluate a competitive edge or opportunities for improvement within your own facility.
  • Employee Integrity Programs: Employee Integrity programs evaluate team members, whether they be educators or support staff, in an effort to ensure that all staff members that students may be interacting with are representing the educational facility in the highest regard.
  • Website Evaluation: Is your school’s website easy to navigate? Are students getting the resources they need or are they able to find the information they’re looking for when comparing and considering education facilities? Let Shoppers Confidential provide a detailed website evaluation to provide students with a positive online experience.

Trust in Expert Customer Experience Professionals to Support Your Educational Goals

Shoppers Confidential has worked with educators who want to recruit and retain a diverse array of students. We’re proud of our continued ability to create adaptive programs that reflect both the institution’s and their students’ needs, and we look forward to doing the same for you.

For more information about our mystery shopping services for schools, colleges and seminars, contact Shoppers Confidential today and learn more about how we can enhance your outreach to potential students, while also supporting your ability to create exceptional classroom and seminar experiences.