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Internal Audits and Analysis

Our online app and portal for record-keeping and corrective actions make pen and paper a thing of the past.

Internal business audits and analyses protect the backbone and bottom line of your business by ensuring you’re operating within the legal confines required of your company. Confirming that your business is compliant, and employees are operating with integrity will not only help keep your doors open, but it will also safeguard your reputation.

Internal audits and business research analyses can reveal gaps, risks and opportunities for improvement with regards to how well your employees and operations are aligning with government regulations and business best practices.


Specialized Internal Business Audit & Analysis Services

Shoppers Confidential has worked with companies across a wide breadth of industries, and we understand that oftentimes business owners don’t even realize when their organizations are failing to meet their internally-set guidelines, guidelines set by overarching agencies or even guidelines set by their own customers.

That’s why it’s so important to enlist the help of professional internal audit and business research services of Shoppers Confidential. Our team can help you better understand what needs to be fixed and what are the best ways to go about doing so. We will provide an objective internal business audit and analysis of whichever elements of your business you identify as priorities.

Our team of customer experience and business analysts will position you to more effectively celebrate and train employees, while also reforming habits and processes to deliver on your mission while mitigating risk. We look forward to showing you the power of our strategic company audits to provide you with peace of mind.



Internal Compliance Success is Linked to Employee and Customer Experience Success

Customer Experience is like a flywheel, each step along the customer journey impacts the experience.  Internal Auditing ensures that your locations are being compliant to what the brand requires, or what local government requires to be checked.  Did you know that most locations that do not do internal audits, or consistently score low on internal auditing can also see a co-relation to measurements of the customer and employee experience?  In other words, if you score low in internal auditing, your customers and employees are scoring it low too for their experiences.  Join an internal Audit program with one of these other journey measurements to ensure that you are offering the best experience to all.


Internal Audits with our Mobile App

Checkpoints, Record Keeping and Corrective Actions All In One

Starting shift checks, monthly checks, corporate checks, any kind of audit that needs to be performed can be completed online in our app.  The information is then stored aggregated in our portal for easy record keeping and recalling information.  Depending on the results of predefined questions, the system will instantly create an action plan and issue the corrective action to the responsible party.

Viewing and comparing results over time, across locations or departments, has never been easier with our reporting software built into the portal.  Customized logins allow users to view the information that is relative to them and build a hierarchy of accessibility.

By having the audits available through our app:

  • Users will no longer need a pen and paper and results will not need to be filled and kept
  • Users can use their own phone or tablet, or the locations device with each user's personal login details provided to them
  • The corrective actions will be issued as an email, or notification to the user through the app via their personal login, no need to follow up or assign
  • You can view the results anytime in real-time through the app
  • You can view the corrective actions anytime in real-time through the app
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Customer Service & Sales Audits

Customer Service & Sales Audits

Understanding your customers’ experience is critical if you want to make thoughtful and cost-effective improvements to your customer service or processes. At Shoppers Confidential, we understand how important it is for you to get accurate information about what is happening in your stores, restaurants or other venues.


Compliance Audit

Businesses need to adhere to regulations in order to avoid legal and financial censure. Shoppers Confidential will conduct an audit to confirm whether your business is meeting these expectations, so you can either relax in the knowledge you are – or take action to remedy the situation immediately.

Employee Integrity

Employee Integrity

When you work in a busy environment, it can be difficult to maintain the types of close-knit relationships with your employees that encourage them to always be on their best behaviour. An employee integrity audit will support you to find out how your employees are operating when you’re not around, as well as reveal ways you may encourage them to more closely align with your business’s values.

Employee Satisfaction

Employee Satisfaction

Keep your employees engaged by ensuring they feel heard. Shoppers Confidential will initiate a satisfaction survey to discover how best to motivate your employees to work together and achieve your shared goals.

Website Evaluations

Website Evaluations

Do you want to know how well your website is working for your customers? Shoppers Confidential will leverage your online presence from the perspective of a potential or current client and help you better understand how persuasive your site is to enhance your conversion rates.

Employee Rewards & Recognition

Employee Rewards & Recognition

Business audits and analysis don’t always have to be serious business. Oftentimes, our Shoppers Confidential team is called in to see the best in employees and provide their bosses with information that informs rewards and recognition programs.

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