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Sports and Entertainment Venues

Ensure your customers are having an EPIC experience by monitoring it.

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Shoppers Confidential works with Venues and Organizations across Canada and the US to complete Mystery Shopping Audits on their Sporting and Entertainment Events.  Checkout our Blog Post about how when we first started to work with the MLSE and other sporting organizations.

We use state of the art software for all your report generating needs. All of your reports are available to you within 48 hours of the mystery shop being completed and this information is available to you 24/7.




Our trained and certified mystery shoppers act as your eyes and ears. They’ll visit your establishment under the guise of a typical customer, and report back their experience. Each area that you would like a shopper to evaluate from the method of transportation to arrive at the venue to exiting procedures, we can design a survey with you to capture all your needed insights.

Do you really know what’s happening on the front line of your company, especially when you’re not available?  We can have shoppers pose questions (pre-designed or on-the-fly to various team members of your staff to see how they handle questions or requests).

Your Mystery Shopping reports will give you a detailed, objective, and accurate view of your business from your customer's perspective.  These reports can be broken down to provide only applicable information to each department or as one report.  Everything is tailored to what your needs are to ensure that you are getting the insights you need in a way that works for you and your team.

Our shoppers for these high-level surveys are pre-vetted and have to complete several custom certifications to prove they are qualified to be scheduled for these assignments.



Now that your results are in, you need a seamless and friction-free way to ensure that attention items are addressed.  Action planning can automatically assign corrective actions to specific team members when an area of deficiency is detected.  Track and monitor the results right in your portal to ensure that remedies are long lasting and not repeated or create follow up audits to determine effectiveness.



Want the scoop on the competition?  Knowing what your competition does well (and what they don't do well) can give you deeper insights when evaluating your customer experience programs.

Our Mystery Shopping Program will shop your competition and provide you with the “competitive edge!” Compare your sales and service strategies and stay one step ahead.



Do you have concerns about shrinkage or employee integrity issues that you’re not sure how to address?

We’ll work with you to develop a program to help identify and control the issue, and assist with incorporating a solution.



Does your business offer customers the old paper method to express their thoughts to you?

Why not give your customers choice and the convenience of providing their comments online? You may then generate statistical reports from the information collected, and save you and your employees time having to manually enter and analyze the data.



Often the only chance you have to make a grade-A first impression is via the telephone.  Booking tickets, asking venue questions or having special services requests is near the start of the customer journey.  Avoid losing customers and creating potential negative reviews by ensuring your first contact team is handling inquiries like pros, not as an interruption or nuisance.  Our certified mystery shoppers evaluate the greeting, telephone manner, helpfulness, courtesy, and sales skills. Telephone evaluations are of immeasurable value to Call Centers and Retailers. Calls may also be recorded upon request.



This program entails Customer Sales and Service visits or inquiries to your establishment. Once the mystery shopper has completed and gathered all of the information they need to know, the employee can either be rewarded on the spot by the mystery shopper, or rewarded at a later date.

Rewards are limited only by your imagination. We can help pick the perfect reward for you.



Learn vicariously through your employees’ experience!

Besides yourself, no one knows your company better than your employees. Are they happy? Do they have a great idea to improve morale and sales? Surveys are tailored to discover the information you need to maintain a successful employer/employee relationship. Surveys may be administered anonymously or otherwise.



Our certified shoppers visit your website and evaluate every element including selling tactics, checking out (purchase), returns, ease of use, and appeal to target audience/market.  This can be combined with an omnichannel check-up, a mystery shop or as an evaluation on its' own.



Make sure that your customers keep coming back to your facility by finding out exactly what your customers are feeling. With our Voice of the Customer program, we can gain a greater sense of the customer experience so you can adjust where needed to ensure repeat visits. VoC's can be administrated by QR codes, embedded web links, emails,  printed web links, kiosks in-house or integrated into your POS system.  The possibilities are endless and the insights are limitless.



Correlating the online reviews and customer feedback with your Mystery Shopping program has never been simpler with our all-in-one portal.  View and aggregate data from your Mystery Shop program and your online reviews and feedback in one place.  Respond to and interact with your reviewers while examining the data.  Reward and celebrate your top performers while creating action plans within the system to help all locations rise to the top.  You can select to have all the locations in your venue included (including private chains renting onsite, contracted services like parking, etc.), the team and the venue, or just the venue.  Let's have a chat about what insights will enhance your customer's experiences and your bottom line.



If your team or venue has an app, we can integrate quickly in the moment or pre-planned surveys through your app!  Our SDK technology uses geofence technology or push-notifications to reach out in real-time to your loyal customer or client base.  Plus, the option to reward with coupons or draw prizes are within your reach too.  Mini-surveys can be created by your team on the fly or by us as you need them.  This service can be as individualized as you are! 


Shoppers Confidential is your resource for all your customer experience needs and we have a tool or program for every step of the customer journey. We encourage you to contact us, and see what sets us apart from the rest!


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