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Telephone Audits and Evaluations

Don't let one of your customers' first points of contact go unmeasured or unmonitored!

When your customers call your place of business, what is the experience of their first point of contact? Are your employees greeting them friendly and informative, or are your potential clients making them feel like an inconvenience?

Shoppers Confidential’s mystery shopping services include telephone customer care evaluations, which help business owners fully understand how their companies are represented over the phone. Whether your customers are reaching out to your employees for the first time or they are following up on a purchase or service, we can help you identify if there are any gaps in your customer service model.

Ring in Success with Professional Telephone Evaluations

You and your employees do not have a second chance to make a great first impression on a caller who may become a loyal customer. Your team must uphold the mission and values of your business every time they pick up the phone.

Shoppers Confidential will work with you to determine your business’ priorities, so our mystery shoppers can conduct a phone conversation audit with strategic goals that will better your business. The audit will be confidential, and our mystery shoppers will ensure their phone call authentically represents the experience of your potential and return customers. We also record each call so you and your team can review it afterward.

The Proof Is in The Phone Call

Learn how your employees approach customer service calls by working with Shoppers Confidential to create a phone script that mimics an everyday inquiry. We can record the phone interaction, so you may use it as a skill-building exercise with employees who need pointers on how best to respond to customers’ questions and concerns.

Here Are Just Some of the Questions You May Want Our Help Addressing:

  • How quickly are phone calls being addressed?
  • Are employees following a standardized greeting or branded language?
  • Are promotions being articulated in an authentic and motivational manner?
  • How do your employees handle difficult questions – or even conflict?
  • Is the attitude your employees are portraying making your customers feel valued?

Improve Your Chances of Turning Every Phone Call into a Customer with Our Proven Mystery Shopping Services

Shoppers Confidential has worked with employers across every industry. Our team members act with integrity, and the results of their telephone evaluations will position your business for continued or even enhanced success. We can use our industry knowledge to help you create a phone audit experience with questions you may not have thought would be important to your clientele, so you can ensure you’re putting your customers’ needs first.

Contact Shoppers Confidential today to improve the outcomes of the way your employees handle phone calls, so you can rest assured your business is being positively represented from the first ring.

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