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Marketing Companies

Mystery Shopping with Shoppers Confidential and Marketing Companies go hand in hand.

Marketing Companies often need insights and information on the customer experience for both their clients and their clients' competitors.  Obtaining the insight data, quickly, efficiently and accurately is important to ensure that your marketing strategies and plans align with your customers needs, and we are here to help you do that.   

Mystery Shopping is an efficient way to obtain these insights using our extensive base of mystery shoppers.  The reporting portal can be white-labelled for your company and can be customized to exactly what you and your clients need.  We also offer other programs to gain insights that can work with Mystery Shopping, or as standalone products.

No matter what your project is, the size, or where it is located we can work with you to create a program that is just as unique as you are.  


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Customer Sales and Service Audits: Mystery Shopping

Our database of shoppers all over North America ensures that we have the pool of resources your company needs to gain insights and take action for your clients.  Our Mystery Shoppers are required to complete certification quizzes to ensure they are suitable for each assignment.  They are equipped to act and report as an objective witness providing insights and details on the experience from a customer's perspective based on your customized survey.  Photos, documents, videos, audio and other supporting information are all included in your report based on your needs. 

 Find out more about our Mystery Shopping programs here.


Competitor Intelligence

Get the inside scoop on what the competition is doing to rise above, or avoid their mistakes.  Our programs can every high-level or extremely detailed to ensure you get the data you need.

Find out more about our competitor intelligence programs here.


Integrity Programs

Ensuring that the brand you represent is operating ethically on the ground-floor is crucial for brand reputation and profitability.

Find out more about our Integrity Programs here.


Website Evaluations

Complete an evaluation of your new website or a competitor website to gain insights on pain points or user suggestions. 

Find out more about our website evaluations here.


Voice of the Customer

VoC, or Voice of the Customer programs are a quick and cost-effective way to gain insights and data to the customer experience.

Find out more about starting a VoC program with us here.


Social Listening and Reputation

Gain insights into all your client's online reviews in one spot.  Rank locations and create action plans to ensure brand consistency.

Find out more about Social Listening and Reputation Management here.  


SDK App Integrations

Combine customer feedback with customer rewards to generate repeat business and to create brand evangelists, all through your app!

Find out more about  SDK App Integrations here.

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