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Employee & Business Integrity Programs

You’re a great boss, and you want to foster a positive work environment for your employees. You also want to ensure they are conducting themselves ethical manner with integrity while they are at your place of business. If you have any concerns about the integrity of your workforce – whether you’re experiencing an increase in turnover or shrinkage – or you’re just not sure if your employees are fully aligning with your company values, let us help you identify any potential issues and develop business ethics and integrity plan for addressing them.

Why Does Employee Integrity Matter for Your Business?

No matter where you work or what your job title is, integrity is an essential value that employers seek in their employees. Integrity ensures your employees are acting in ways that uphold sound ethical principles to promote customer satisfaction and protect the reputation of your business.

You need to be able to trust your employees, even behind closed doors. While you may believe you’ve hired the best possible people for their positions, it’s not always easy to trust your business in the hands of new employees or employees who may be demonstrating some questionable qualities at work.

Why Do You Need an Ethics and Integrity Program to Enhance and Protect Your Business?

You’ve worked hard to build a successful business. You’ve hired great people based on their qualifications and the personalities they demonstrated in their interviews. But, maybe you’ve received a few customer complaints, or your business operations aren’t functioning as smoothly as they need to be to secure your success or promote growth.

Whether there are issues arising at your work that you can’t quite explain, such as diminishing inventory, confusing sales patterns or shrinkage, as a responsible employer you can’t afford to just guess at what or who is causing these problems. You need to act and get an objective perspective on how compromised employee integrity may be affecting your business.

How Can an Integrity Program Help You and Your Team Be More Successful?

At Shopper’s Confidential, we understand the importance of employee integrity, which is why we only hire the most reliable, detailed and honest mystery shoppers to investigate our clients’ places of work. To ensure your employees are consistently acting in ways that align with your company values, our mystery shoppers will visit your business and, in a highly confidential manner, act as a normal customer would while completing business transactions.

With a clear understanding of what you and the laws associated with your business expect, our mystery shopping service allows us to evaluate the conduct of your employees and establish if they are operating with integrity. After the audit, they will produce a detailed report that clearly articulates if they identified any issues that may compromise your business.

After the Integrity Audit Comes Enhanced Business Culture and Operations

You can trust our mystery shopper feedback is objective and it will honestly represent the experiences of your customers. This means you are making the responsible decision to put the people who keep your doors open first. Once the integrity audit is complete, Shoppers Confidential will work with you to create a plan to address any issues – big or small – that are putting your business at risk.

Let Shoppers Confidential Support Your Ethical Business Practices

You operate in a competitive market, and even small issues related to integrity can affect your bottom line and the work culture you hope to foster. Don’t little red flags slide because they can grow into larger issues that end up harming your reputation beyond repair.

Our mystery shoppers have decades of experience that will help fortify your business against integrity issues that may not be obvious to a customer or employee who is caught up in day-to-day business operations.

Shoppers Confidential will help you understand what is happening at your place of business when you’re not there. So, either you can rest assured your employees are upholding the standards you’ve set out for them, or you can quickly identify and fix integrity concerns and get your business back on track.

Put Integrity First with Our Mystery Shopping Services and Success Will Follow

If you want to show your employees, customers and upper management that integrity matters to you, contact Shoppers Confidential today. We promise to live our commitment to integrity, so you can ensure your business is living up to its potential.

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