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We believe that everyone should be happy.  Your employees, your customers,  your stakeholders, everyone.

And we aren't happy unless you are.

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We are not happy unless you are.

Seriously, it is like we share a twin vibe connection.

Shoppers Confidential is a legitimate Mystery Shopping and Feedback and Insights Firm and we take what we do seriously.

We are not happy unless you are, our success depends on your success and your gains are our gains.

We are deeply and personally connected to you when you have a program with us and we want to ensure it is right for you.

For Example:

  • We will edit and improve your survey as needed to ensure it suits your needs.
  • We will help ensure there is a report easily accessible that fits how you want to read and present your data.
  • We offer executive reporting and presentation building when you need support.
  • If a survey doesn't meet your standards, let us know.  We will reach out to the shopper for clarifications, or replace it.
  • Need to change your shopper profile demographics?  Not a problem, we want it to be accurate for you.
  • Whatever you need to be happy and successful with your program, we've got your back!
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