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Customer Experience Management

Know where you stand so you can rise above the competition and delight your customers.

People value customer experience.  Shoppers will come back and will tell their friends and family about the great experience they had, becoming your best source of marketing and revenue.  At Shoppers Confidential, we have built our business on the realization that it is much more cost-effective and lucrative to keep customers happy – and returning. With the rampant use of social media and increasingly savvy customers, businesses cannot afford to drop the ball when it comes to customer experience.  Finding and identifying system issues, actioning the data and measuring the effectiveness of the actions is the formula for success.

How do you know what the actual customer experience is like?  You have handbooks and guides, created training programs for your staff and monitor your sales, but do you measure and monitor the effectiveness of your customer experience program?  The only way to truly know your customers' experience and its' effectiveness is to audit the actual customer experience.  You can choose to highlight a part of your buyers' journey or create a program that wholly covers your brand's customer experience.

Creating customer experience objectives and measuring against them is a great predictor of your business's future success.  A strong customer experience program will pay for itself over time with increased sales, returning customers, upselling and cross-selling and increased brand reputation.

We proudly offer an extensive suite of customer experience management services and products designed to help brands and businesses enhance their business reputation, improve their financial standing, and engage and retain new and existing customers. Through our professionally developed services, Shoppers Confidential collects customer insights through a number of unique touchpoints in order to uncover actionable directives to improve customer experience.

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Customer Experience Management Services

Shoppers Confidential will help position your business for success by listening to your customers, ensuring they feel heard and supporting you to implement customer experience measures and initiatives that encourage every single one of your clients to feel excited about engaging with your company again.  Our range of tools, products and services can identify weak points and drill down deep to find true root causes. Automatically creating and implementing corrective action plans to ensure your systems are continually improving and customers are continually delighted.

Customer Sales & Service Audits

Understanding your customers’ experience is critical if you want to make thoughtful and cost-effective improvements to your customer service or processes. We understand how important it is for you to get accurate information about what is happening in your stores, restaurants or other venues.

Competitor Intelligence

Learn what to do – and more importantly what not to do – from your competitors to ensure you’re remaining top of mind for delivering the very best customer experiences in the industry.

In-App Crowdsourcing Insights

Gather authentic data for insights important to your brand. It is the modern, real-time-based solution that crowdsources and geofences actual customers to perform “tasks”, gathering insights and data that truly matters to your brand.

Employee Rewards

Your employees are essential for success.  Reward them for doing a great job or going above and beyond with an Employee Rewards program.

Online Social Media Monitoring

Automatically respond to your online reviews & share your best feedback on your social media sites with a click of your mouse! Our service will collect reviews from all major platforms and deliver them to you in one easy step.  This software uses an algorithm to formulate an appropriate response to each comment. Replying to your reviews has never been easier.

Call Quality Evaluation

Let an unbiased secret shopper evaluate the level of customer service your team members or call center are delivering over the phone. Our call quality evaluations can make a difference regarding whether a customer makes a purchase – and feels good about their interaction.

Voice of the Customer Audit

Shoppers Confidential will contact your customers directly to find out how satisfied they have been with leveraging your products and services. Our team will find out how positive their interactions with your team members were, and what can be done to improve the overall customer experience you’re delivering.

Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Asking your employees for feedback is a great way to engage your team and identify areas of improvement and to generate lasting change.

Online Comment Cards

Shoppers Confidential will support you to leverage online comment cards in ways that actually motivate your customers to respond and provide meaningful feedback that will enhance your client experiences – and bottom line.

Mystery Shopping Services

Our mystery shopping services will help you understand your customers, find out what is happening on the front line of your business, and develop solutions to remain consistent, reduce revenue leakage and improve customer service strategies. We contract qualified mystery shoppers in your area to get to the bottom of issues you can’t see from office headquarters.

Customer Journey Mapping

Creating a Customer Journey Map is essential to every business.  Having a third-party work to map out and measure the journey your customer takes can help define pain-points that cause cart abandonment, brand disloyalty and negative reviews.  Increase your promoters and your bottom line by creating a Customer Journey Map with us.  

Internal Audits

Digitize your internal audits, checklists, and other internal evaluations and record-keeping.  Use our app or website to collect data and view all your results aggregated in your customized portal.


There are insights waiting at every step of your customer's journey.

Sometimes you know just what you need, and sometimes you can't quite put your finger on it, we get it.  We offer insight programs for every step of the customer journey to help you identify your successes and your improvement points.

Your program can be designed to suit your needs best.  Every step of the way.


Understand Your Customers with Experience Management Services from Shoppers Confidential

Gain a true understanding of your customer’s experience, whether it be in-store and in-person, by phone, or online with professional customer experience management services from Shopper’s Confidential. Get in touch with our team to learn how we can help you to deliver truly memorable customer experiences.

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