Call Centers Operations

Do you need help or support with incoming call inquiries? We can do it!


At Shoppers Confidential, we provide cost-effective and efficient call center operations and service, allowing you to conduct business while reducing the cost of labour. Whether it be short-term projects and research, or ongoing and long-term reporting, our call-center operations services provide professional data collection without having to bring on additional staff. By outsourcing your call center operations to Shoppers Confidential, we will provide you with enthusiastic workers who are ready to provide high-quality customer service and a great Customer Experience. They will maintain proper and professional telephone services, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.


What Lines of Business are Available?

Your contact center can service both inbound and outbound operations, giving you more options for reaching customers. You can use these options to gather vital information which can be provided over the telephone. We provide excellent customer service in addition to professional communication skills. If you need urgent service, your new base of operations can be set up in just 7 days.


Collect Data and Customer Information

Our team of customer service professionals will ensure that important information is properly documented, collected or directed as needed for your business using our fully customized reporting software. Our staff will be briefed on your business to ensure that each and every call is handled professionally and that incoming questions can be answered accordingly.


Why Choose Shoppers Confidential

Shoppers Confidential knows what it means to deliver exceptional customer service at all levels of business. Our services are built on the foundation of ensuring the highest level of customer service is met. Our team is highly experienced in managing call center operations for both incoming and outgoing calls and ensure that each and every call is handled promptly and professionally.


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