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Online Comment Cards

Customer Feedback matters, and obtaining it is super easy.

Customers are the heart of your business and ensuring customer satisfaction is what will protect the sustainability of your operations, as well as help you promote growth. If you are not currently soliciting customer feedback, you may be exposing your company to risk by leaving gaps in your approach to customer service that prevents the interactions with your most important stakeholders from being as positive as they should be.

Why Asking for Customer Feedback Matters and What It Can Help You Improve

Every customer interaction may not be perfect, but when you give customers the opportunity to be heard, they feel valued. If they can express constructive feedback, they may be more likely to return to your business. More importantly, you’ll be able to take from their experience what needs to be changed to enhance your company’s approach to customer service.

By giving customers an efficient platform for customer service, you will be positioning your business to enhance the following:

  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys: your customers have a unique perspective on how you can improve your business, so they feel better about supporting your company
  • Customer loyalty: happy customers are more likely to become return customers, which is great for business (keeping an old customer is 10 times more cost-efficient than trying to secure new business)
  • Evangelism: if your customers feel valued and treated fairly, they’re more likely to recommend your company to someone else (free marketing for you!)

Moving from Paper to Online Customer Cards to Enhance Engagement

If you are already asking for customer feedback via customer comment cards, you are showing your customers you care about them and want them to continue their relationship with your establishment. However, paper forms pose a few different problems:

  • They’re not very efficient and take time for your customers to fill out
  • Paper responses may get lost
  • The feedback may not be as clear and specific as you need it to be to readily address challenges or identify opportunities for enhanced customer service

Why Work with Shoppers Confidential

As part of our mystery shopping and customer audit services, Shoppers Confidential can provide you with a new online platform for customer comment cards to increase responses and give you the opportunity to solicit highly valuable feedback. We have many years of experience working with diverse business to enhance customer satisfaction and retention, so we can help guide you to build the best-possible survey to meet your business’ needs.

We will work with you to ensure your online customer cards are user-friendly and that they ask the right questions. Once your online survey is up and running, we can also help you understand what your customers are trying to tell you and create an action plan to address their concerns and opportunities for improvement.

Make Your Customers Feel Valued and Help Your Business Prosper

To remain ahead of the competition, you need to make sure your customers recognize your company as a place where they and the money they spend on your products and services are valued. Each customer interaction is an opportunity to secure return business and, potentially, to up-sell and establish a lucrative relationship with that individual.

Show your customers you genuinely care about their experiences and feedback, contact Shoppers Confidential to start building your online comment cards today.

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