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Making Customer Satisfaction Surveys Exciting!


Would you like to grow your loyal customer base and increase your profits by up to 85 percent?

Find out how Shoppers Confidential can help you with fun and easy customer satisfaction surveys.


What are customer satisfaction surveys?

Customers are the most important aspect of any business. When you have satisfied customers, your company is able to survive and thrive as those happy customers spread the word and bring you more business.

Designed to promote engagement and encourage feedback, customer service surveys are simply quick polls or series of questions that measure, compare, and evaluate your customers’ opinions, attitudes and satisfaction with your business. These tools help you determine where your business is succeeding, and where you could use some work in meeting customer expectations.   


How do customer surveys work?

Customer satisfaction surveys gather invaluable information from real customers that can help you shape the way your business operates. There are many different ways to implement customer service surveys, from paper to phone to electronic — the key to successful customer surveys is to engage your audience in a way that makes it fun and easy for people to participate.

The most effective customer satisfaction surveys are easy to complete and offer entertainment for the customer, adding value to the experience. Accessibility, interaction, and ease of completion are the most important factors in a successful customer survey.

Customer Satisfaction surveys can be administered in a variety of ways.  Email, text, POS system integrations, kiosks, links on websites or social media, posted QR codes, any way that work for you and your customers we can make it happen!


What can survey entertainment do for you?

With customer satisfaction surveys, you can look forward to improving:

  • Customer retention: Enjoy greater customer loyalty and repeat business
  • Customer relationships: Get your customers excited about and invested in your products or services
  • Customer advocacy: Benefit from increased, positive word-of-mouth about your company
  • Cost reduction: Happy customers are less likely to ask for extra service or request refunds

Customer service surveys provide you with a strong foundation to cultivate loyal shoppers and build a highly profitable customer base.  By making the way the survey is responded to more exciting, you are increasing your response completion rate.  Also, by having a third-party administer the surveys you are removing survey-bias and result confirmation issues.


Why choose Shoppers Confidential?

At Shoppers Confidential, we offer a wide range of customer satisfaction survey implementations designed to grab attention and get results. Our entertainment surveys can be offered on location at your business with a standalone kiosk, through a smartphone app, or even linked directly to your website with a QR code to enable email engagement with your customers.

Shoppers love filling out our fun, interactive customer satisfaction surveys, which in turn delivers better results for your business. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you leverage professional, cost-effective customer satisfaction surveys to grow your business.


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