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Customer Response Monitoring Programs

Measure your customer's inquiry experience to ensure the process is as intended. 

One of the biggest online and review complaints is about the customer inquiry process.  Find out how your company measures up with a Customer Response Monitoring Program.  

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As customers, we have all experienced a point in our customer journey where we needed to reach out to a company via email, an online chat bot or window, social messaging, telephone, forum designed for customers or even texting to gain some information. 

Depending on the size of your company you may have one person or a department of people working on customer service inquiries.  The ideal process may have been laid out and trained against, or you do the best you can with what you've got.  But what is the Customer Experience?  Is it as you intended?  Are they satisfied (or dis-satisfied) with the experience or are they blown away with your team and their awesomeness?  You will never know unless you measure it!

Where is customer response monitoring effective?

Anywhere a customer can make an inquiry to your brand is an effective place to monitor and measure.

For example:

  • Automated Chat Bots
  • Manual Chat Boxes
  • Email Inquiries
  • Text Inquiries
  • Phone Inquiries
  • Brand Created Customer Forums or Groups
  • Social Media Messaging Platforms
  • Paper Mail / Reply Envelopes

top customer complaints come from customer inquiry responses

A positive Customer Experience is key to the success of any business but according to providesupport.com, the top complaints from customers all center around customer service inquiry interactions.  These issues range from waiting times, to transferring to another representative and from being representatives being rude to not following up as promised.  To avoid these issues, we recommend setting up a Customer Response Monitoring Program if one of these change points apply to your business: 

  • Newly revised training programs
  • Expansions or restructuring of the customer service department
  • Surge of complaints
  • New AI Customer Service Programs
  • Identified as an area that needs improvement
  • Bench-marking before updates or improvements



If one of the biggest sources of customer complaints is with customer service inquiries, why would you not want to ensure that it is operating at peak performance? 

Being able to identify pain points, inaccessibility issues, CSR transfers and replies or follow-ups, etc. will allow you and your team to create action plans to improve.  Measuring a benchmark based on thoughtful objective and subjective survey questions and then comparing it to your success after improvements can show you, your team (and your customers) and your ROI the difference investing in improving your Customer Responses can make.

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how does customer response monitoring with shoppers confidential work?

The process is easy and can be started quickly.  Here is a high-level breakdown of what the whole process looks like:

  • We work with you and your team to determine what customer response area(s) you want evaluated
  • We create a custom survey based on your current process and what areas you want to gain insight on  
  • If you are not sure where to start, not a problem!  Our team has base surveys to build on and edit to suit your brands methods and practices
  • We ask you for your typical customer demographic and invite our registered shoppers that fit that demographic to apply for the opportunity to complete the audit
  • Our qualified shoppers complete the audit as instructed and report their findings in the survey
  • Our Editing and Quality Control Team review the survey before exporting an instance report to the selected people on your team
  • If selected, Action Plans are then generated and distributed to the responsible team members
  • All instances are then aggregated in your own custom portal to review, compare, analyze and react
  • The cadence at which you choose to preform these audits is up to you, so the cycle either repeats, pauses or the survey is re-written and re-evaluated after adjustments in training or personnel have been completed
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