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Employee Rewards Programs

Everyone likes to be told they are doing a great job, so why not reward your best employees!

Public affirmation of an employee’s job well done is a highly effective way to encourage them, and their fellow employees, and represents your business in a positive light. Our mystery shoppers will support the implementation of your Employee Rewards Program where they will contribute to honouring and celebrating your employees’ exceptional dedication to customer service.


Incentive Mystery Shops

Many business owners believe mystery shopping will only identify the shortcomings of employee performance and business operations, but that is simply not the case. For years, Shoppers Confidential has conducted employee incentive programs where they look to identify positive employee traits to reward in accordance with the business owner’s strategic plan.


Reward Your Employees to Inspire Excellence

Are you hosting a promotion or initiating a sales campaign with demanding targets you want to encourage your employees to reach or exceed? Consider inspiring your employees with an incentive mystery shop: they will work hard to meet the goals you set out to ensure their performance assessment is positive. Plus, the bonus of a reward for their efforts will make their workday feel more like a fun competition.

Whether you want your employees to promote a product, up-sell services or assess and serve customer needs, the implementation of an employee rewards program is a highly effective way to motivate your employees – in a way that makes them feel good, rather than through scaring them into compliance with the threat of negative recourse.


Create a Positive Atmosphere for your Customers and Employees

By rewarding your employees for great work, you are encouraging them to be their best every single day. This, in turn, will result in your customers being treated in ways that distinguish you from the competition. You will secure new customers, keep your old customers happy and encourage positive word-of-mouth marketing.


Get Rewarded with Shoppers Confidential

We will work with you to design an Employee Rewards Program that aligns with your company’s goals. From helping you choose a suitable incentive to devise a strategy for how and when to monitor and reward your employees, Shoppers Confidential will help you create a lasting positive impression that encourages your staff to exceed your expectations.


Contact us today to reap the rewards of a strategic incentive mystery shop program.

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