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Brand Standards Audits and Reports

Go beyond the customer experience reporting and evaluate locations based on your brand standards.

Brand Consistency is key to repeat business, high NPS, and evangelism. 

Ensuring customers receive the same experience in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada and San Francisco, CA, USA, is critical to business repeatability. 

Advertising Week notes that research by Lucidpress shows that consistency increases revenue by 23% on average. This means that as people get to know and trust a brand, they're more likely to buy its products or take advantage of its services. On average, brand and content consistency increases revenue by 23%. 

The consistent, desired experience builds trust, and trust is the foundation for loyalty and promotion, says William Arruda of Forbes Magazine.  He is not wrong.  As he noted in his article, if you have a brand with multiple locations and have a poor experience once, you may shrug it off.  If the poor experience happens at another location, the customer is more likely to consider it a brand failure than a location failure...and they will tell others about this issue.

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Why Brand Standard Audits Are Critical To Multi-Location Businesses

Brand Standard Audits Will:

  • Identify gaps and inconsistencies between your expectations and the reality
  • Benchmark location over location, regions over regions, etc., to determine if the gaps are systemic, localized or globalized
  • Completed by a third party to avoid potential favouritism or other potential perceived issues
  • Creates a consistent measurable of expectations and allows for streamlined feedback and communication
  • Reduces confusion/disappointment from customers who are receiving different versions of your brand's expectations
  • Allow coverage for visits to locations that may be difficult to be visited by corporate/district managers regularly
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Why create a brand standards audit program with Shoppers Confidential?

  • We use an adaptive Micro-Learning system to coach and certify our Brand Standards Auditors on your specific brand standards, observational requirements, and KPIs.
  • We work collaboratively with you to design an audit form that will offer you the insights and feedback you need and report in a way that makes it easy to understand and compare.
  • We offer access to the submitted audits in an online portal.  The portal access can be limited using security settings to allow a location to see its results, a DM to see only its region, etc.
  • You can combine the Brand Standards Audit with our programs and services for a holistic view of your business/brand.

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Customer Service & Sales Audits

Customer Service & Sales Audits

Understanding your customer’s experience is critical for thoughtful and cost-effective process improvements. We understand how important it is to get accurate information about what is happening in your stores, restaurants or other venues.


Compliance Audits

Businesses need to adhere to regulations to avoid legal and financial censure. Shoppers Confidential will conduct an audit to confirm whether your business is meeting these expectations, so you can either relax in the knowledge you are – or take action to remedy the situation immediately.

Employee Integrity

Employee Integrity

In a busy environment, it can be difficult to maintain relationships with your employees that encourage them to be on their best behaviour. An employee integrity audit will determine how your employees operate when you’re not around and reveal ways to encourage them to alignwith your business’s values.

Employee Satisfaction

Employee Satisfaction

Keep your employees engaged by ensuring they feel heard. Shoppers Confidential will initiate a satisfaction survey to discover how best to motivate your employees to work together and achieve your shared goals.

Website Evaluations

Website Evaluations

Do you know how well your website works for your customers? Shoppers Confidential will review your online presence from the perspective of a potential/current client and help you understand how persuasive your site is to improve conversion rates.

Employee Rewards & Recognition

Employee Rewards & Recognition

Business audits and analysis don’t always have to be serious business. Oftentimes, our Shoppers Confidential team is called in to see the best in employees and provide their bosses with information that informs rewards and recognition programs.

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