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Omni-Channel Checkup

Take a walk on your customer journey path and see the bumps along the way.

Imagine walking in a lovely forest, but the path has so many turn-off points, the route is not cleared and the path is so bumpy you almost want to turn around and head back home.  You would then tell your friends about how bad the path was and you would likely never walk it again.  Now change that lovely forest into your customers' journey to buying your goods or services.  You will never know the turn-offs, the items blocking the path or truly how bumpy it is unless you walk the journey or path as they would, and we can do that for you.

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Maybe your company has just redesigned their website or the ordering flow or process, or maybe a created a new way to manage your Social Listening and Reputation, or maybe you have never really thought about checking the stops along the customer journey.  Whatever the change in process or mindset is, we are glad you are thinking about it.

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CUSTOMER Experience Supercharged

We have told you about what Customer Journey Mapping is and how you can see what the path your client takes from research to purchase.  You know the steps they will take (or can take), but do you know what the actual route or path looks like and how the customer experiences it?  This process of thought is an omni-channel customer experience audit.

Most clients that come to us have a goal or an insight in mind that they want to measure, but we do get a few clients that know there is a bump in the journey somewhere, but they can't find it.  This is when on-boarding Shoppers Confidential to work with you is a great idea.  Sometimes people are so close and so invested in the process or product, that they cannot see it.  A Third Party auditing company, like us, that specializes in gaining insights and creating actionable data from those results will be the fresh set of unbiased eyes that you need to propel your business ahead of the competition!

Some companies want to create a hyper-personalized customer experience and want insights and feedback from Mystery Shoppers about the experience to truly create action and improvement.  We can do that too! 



Where do we start if we don't know where to start?

Great question!  You start here with an omni-channel checkup. Let's walk through the process:

  • We will connect with you and see what needs or goals you have and determine what how we can help
  • We will review what you have noted for your customer journey and offer insights
  • We will review each of your noted steps and match a tool or a product that would be best to gain insights into that step for your team (*Spoiler alert! We may also recommend external programs or tools because we want to serve you best)
  • We will create a holistic 360° view program using these matched tools and products
  • We will discuss your budget and time frame
  • We will ball-park quote you for each step as well as a packaged omni-channel checkup working with your budget and your insight needs
  • We launch your program
  • Once the insights are delivered and aggregated we will create a report of promoters and detractors, correlated insights and action plan items 



  • We keep everything you need for your Customer Experience Program with us all in one spot so your data can be aggregated in one spot to make identifying insights and creating actions plans a breeze.
  • We offer action planning express FREE to all clients because we know insights without action is just data on a sheet.
  • We will work with your budget and customize your program to suit your needs as your success means a lot to us.
  • No business or company is too big or too small.  Seriously.  Every business deserves the opportunity to excel at Customer Experience so we do not have minimums or maximums to creating programs.

What areas are covered in an omni-channel checkup?

There are different level of insights that you can gain and it depends how deep you want to go.  Looking at everything from your supply chain to the repeat purchase is a highly in-depth omni-channel review or checkup. 

Starting from Social Listening and Reputation Management where the customer first researches their purchase by looking at reviews and brand responses on feedback websites like Google, Facebook and Yelp, to the post purchase VoC (Voice of the Customer) surveys and everything in between is a great start.


Customer Journey Map with Shoppers Confidential



We have a tool for every step of the journey to help measure and gain insights


May be you know where a pain-point is, or understand why there are cart abandonment issues and want to drill down to gain objective (and maybe a little subjective) insights from customers or Mystery Shoppers.  Our vast array of tools and programs can gain you any insights or feedback you need to create an improvement program to surpass the competition and reclaim your wallet share.360 CX-1


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