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Customer Experience Consulting

Customer Experience (CX) Is The Key Differentiating Factor In The Digital Age

Are you missing important opportunities to create life-long customers? Customer expectations are on the rise, making them exceedingly difficult to please. Customers have more options than ever, and whether they become loyal to your business comes down to a positive, frictionless experience.

Is there a gap between your customer’s expectations and experience? Failing to measure every customer touchpoint means you are missing valuable information about what your customers actually want. Bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be with a customized mystery shopping program tailored precisely to your needs. Shoppers Confidential will provide you with invaluable quantities insights into your customers’ experience as well as actionable recommendations for significant improvement.

If It Can Be Measured, It Can Be Improved

Do You Know Your Customer’s Pain Points?

Customer experience consulting is a vital part of every vibrant business. It allows you to remain focused on delivering high-quality products and services, while Shoppers Confidential takes a deep dive towards better understanding of what your customers need to convert and remain engaged with your business.

Our customer experience consultants’ goal is to look at your overarching approach to interacting with your target audiences. From the ways you catch their attention through to the ways you deliver on your consumer commitments and elicit feedback, Shoppers Confidential will go directly to the source to discover how you can improve your systems and processes to better appeal to and support your customers.

Mystery Shopping Services to Increase Customer Satisfaction

Evaluate your level of customer experience and identify opportunities for business growth with Shoppers Confidential’sindustry-leading mystery shopping services. Whatever sector or business-type you represent, the team of mystery shopping professionals at Shoppers Confidential can provide you with specialized secret shopper services designed to work with the unique operations and services your business delivers. We have become recognized in Canada as one of the leading providers of mystery shopping services throughout the country, sourcing professional agents to uncover true customer insights and information related to your business offerings, staff and services. There are no limitations to the mystery shopping services Shoppers Confidential can provide. We work with our clients to design mystery shopping programs that align with your business and evaluation goals. Whether it be to improve customer services, enhance customer retention and loyalty or increase sales – our secret shopping services are designed with yourcustomers in mind.  

Enhance Your Customer’s Experience

Make sure your customers understand exactly how you can contribute value to their lives, and then put the processes in place to ensure your entire team delivers on these commitments. Work with our Shoppers Confidential customer experience consultants and work smarter – not harder – to secure long-term clients who align with the mission and vision of your organization.

Build Trust with Your Customers

Build Trust with Your Customers

Your customers have expectations you need to deliver on to ensure they keep coming back and speak about your business in positive ways to their networks. Show your customers you will continuously follow through on your commitments to them, and that you value their feedback by engaging them in meaningful dialogues about your service model.


Keep Employees Satisfied

Your employees are a fundamental component of the success of your company. Their passion for their roles and sense of being will shape their contributions to your company in ways that influence your customer experiences and bottom line. We will help you better understand how to nurture your employees’ talents, so you can foster a more positive work environment.


Analyze & Understand Competitors

To better position yourself for success, you need to be aware of who you’re competing against and how they are operating to attract and retain the customers you want. Shoppers Confidential will analyze your competitive landscape and provide a holistic view of your gaps, opportunities and advantages, so you can rise above your competition.

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Find Growth Opportunities

No matter which stage your business is in, growth is the goal of any company. Not only does growth protect your sustainability, but it also creates even more opportunities to fulfill your mission of connecting customers with great products and services. Shoppers Confidential will help you discover the growth opportunities that are realistic for you to pursue, so you can expand in sustainable ways.

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Increase Your Bottom Line

At the end of the day, your business needs to be financially stable – and the way to achieve this is by looking at all aspects of your company and the things that are affecting your bottom line. Work with Shoppers Confidential to analyze and improve the way you’re doing business, so you can go from sustaining to thriving.

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Ensure Compliance and Consistency

Ensure your business is operating with integrity while adhering to important compliance demands. Our mystery shopping team will empower you to better understand how consistently your team members are complying with regulations, so you can rest assured your company’s reputation and operations are compliant and consistent.

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