What is Mystery Shopping



Since 2005, Shoppers Confidential has been customizing insight programs for our clients. 

No two businesses are alike, and their insight program should be just as special as they are. 

All of our tools assist with gaining insights at each point along the customer journey.  Each tool works well as a program on its' own and even better when they are packaged together.

Being able to identify an area you want to measure is great, but sometimes that can be a challenge too.  Let us know your situation and we can help determine what products and services will suit your needs and budget best.

Want To Be A Mystery Shopper?

Competitor Intelligence

Getting the scoop on your competition to find out what they are doing right to surpass them and what they are doing wrong to avoid it is a great investment to know first hand what customers think.

Mystery Shopping

Get the bigger picture of what is happening on the ground floor with a customized Mystery Shopping Program.

Social Listening and Reputation 

Keeping engaged and social listening is a critical and cost-effective way to monitor your customers' experiences.

Employees Matter

Your employees make a huge impact on your customers' experience.  Keeping connected through satisfaction surveys, reward and training programs will create a ripple that will pay dividends.

Voice of the Customer

Inviting your customers to give feedback has never been easier (or as much fun!).  Our newly designed Voice of the Customer surveys will delight your customers to complete, and you to review.

Internal Audits

Internal audits are a budget-friendly way to ensure your team is on top of their game and your customers are benefiting.


Happiness-Promise-With-Shoppers-Confidential100% Happiness Guarantee

We want everyone to be happy!

Your customers, employees, stakeholders, and of course, you.

If you are not satisfied with the type of insights your program is gaining, we will work with you to make it right.  Spoiler alert: you won't be happy.  You and your team will be beyond DELIGHTED with what you can see and do with your data!


Happiness Promise Details

Some of the clients we've made happy



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Customizable Dashboards

Each user within your company can customize what reports they see first on their individual dashboard. 

This quick high-level overview makes understanding and using the data easier and more personalized to each user.


Action your Data

By having certain key points in your audit marked as 'action items' the system automatically creates an assignment, a plan of what is needed and a due date to ensure you are addressing issues quickly and without a lot of extra steps.  Find out more about Action Planning.


The reports you need

The aggregated data is only useful if you can understand it and use it effectively.  We have over 30 pre-generated reports ready at your fingertips.  Want a PDF?  No problem.  Prefer an excel sheet? Can do!  Ensuring you are getting the data in the way that you need it is what we do.

No time or ability to create a reporting presentation?  Not a problem, we offer executive reporting too.



We know that budgets differ and so do your needs.  We can make a program work for anyone on any budget.  You will see the money you spend on a CX measurement program will give your business a great return on investment.


Contact Us To Discuss A Plan

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