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Customer Insights, using YOUR app

Speak to your customers directly with an SDK app integration program.

Strengthen your connections with your customers by leveraging an App Integrated customer insights tool.  This program can be implemented as a stand-alone product, or connected with a rich Mystery Shopping Program. This innovative customer insights software is leading the way in terms of getting immediate feedback from the people who are most important to your brand. In order to serve our customers better, we have two ways of harnessing this information.

  1. LiveShopper is an app extension that integrates directly with your existing app, tapping into the thing we all can’t live without – our phones – and will strategically encourage real customers to keep your business top-of-mind wherever they are.  This is a great option as a stand-alone CX tool
  2. Our in-house SDK Plug-In links directly with your other products in our custom reporting portal allowing you to compare insights from all channels easily from one login, and create tracked action plans.

Leading Customer Insights Tool

Imagine having the power to speak to your customers on the device they use most often to alert them of promotions, ask them how their in-store experience is going and better understand how well your sales and marketing funnel is set up to address their specific needs.

Shoppers Confidential is constantly looking for ways to better serve the complex needs of our customers. An SDK Plug-In is the perfect tool to provide real customer insights and feedback and is offered as part of our customer experience management services. We’re turning every single one of your customers into secret shoppers who can provide authentic, real-time feedback about their experiences.

Your customer’s voices matter – so give them a platform to speak. 

We offer best-in-class technology that empowers your customers to tell you what they really think about your sales, operations and service. Rather than having to follow up after-the-fact or asking them to provide face-to-face feedback, an SDK Plug-In for Customer Insights is a much more confidential and easy-to-use system that will encourage them to be totally honest.

Get Direct Customer Insights

Our voice of the customer model, which SDK App Plug-Ins contributes to significantly, is essential for businesses looking to thrive within today's extraordinarily competitive markets. Our strategic approach to soliciting important customer feedback from your clientele will produce measurable results that identify the opportunities your company needs to take advantage of to enhance its customer service model.

Work with a professional secret shopping team that can help you choose which technologies and human resources to apply to your customer experience management plan. We will help you develop highly effective tactics that are customized to your industry and target audiences. That way, you’ll get feedback that matters to your brand – and your bottom line.


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