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Top 5 Reasons Why We've Joined the CFA!

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In March of 2023, Shoppers Confidential joined the Canadian Franchise Association! We have been exploring this decision over the last two years and put much thought and consideration into it.  We want to share the top five reasons why we finally joined the CFA.



The CFA has vast resources and industry knowledge to assist our clients and us.  We have already learned so much from attending the CFA Convention in Niagara Falls on April 1-3, 2023.  We can also connect the information that many of our clients gain from being members and apply it to their programs to ensure that they are leading in the feedback and insights they are gaining and using.



We are excited to connect with other suppliers that work in the same realm as us and establish opportunities where we can support each other in ensuring our clients' needs are met.  It has been wonderful to meet and talk about experiences other companies have had with mystery shopping, competitor intelligence, VoC, NPS, etc.  We are learning about the challenges companies have faced running internal programs, experiences with other companies, or learning that they were unaware that these programs exist and how they can improve their bottom line.



It was a surprise to us that many people that we have connected with either knew nothing or very little about mystery shopping, customer experience feedback and insights programs, competitor intelligence or internal audits and how they can all be linked into one reporting portal to obtain a holistic view of your operations.  We are proud of who we are and what we do, and it excites us to share information about us and how we can help business measure, grow and repeat!



This is always a great reason to connect with people and share what you do.  Prospecting new clients is great for us, but it is also great for our mystery shoppers.  Having a larger selection of shops to apply for, new locations or businesses to try out, and new reasons to tell their friends and family to join our team of mystery shoppers is fantastic for them too!  We sincerely love meeting new clients, getting to know their needs and goals and working with them to develop a program to grow their business.  With new updates to our system upcoming, we will be able to show our clients their ROI better and communicate monthly, quarterly and yearly goals with ease, and we are super excited to share this with everyone!



With our team working remotely, it was great for some of us to connect for an event like the Convention in Niagara Falls.  The CFA hosts many supportive events throughout the year, and we hope that attending these events will accomplish all of the reasons why we joined.


Although we are new to the Canadian Franchise Association, we are excited to see what the next year brings us, our clients (present and future) and our shoppers!