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Mystery Shoppers Can Benefit From MSPA Americas

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What is The MSPA?

MSPA, or Mystery Shoppers Providers Association, is an industry regulatory body that certifies MSP (Mystery Shop Providers) and Mystery Shoppers.  Shoppers can use the MSPA to research companies to ensure they are reputable MSPs and avoid scams listed in an MSP's name.

How Can The MSPA Help Shoppers?

Shoppers can also register with the MSPA as an Evaluator. The MSPA also has a host of various certifications that shoppers/evaluators can complete to lend credibility to their mystery shopping reports.  Some of these do cost money, but many of the resources offered on the site are free for shoppers interested in learning more.

Is Shoppers Confidential Registered With The MSPA?

Yes!  Shoppers Confidential is a registered member of the MSPA and supports the organization by attending and participating in conferences, webinars and industries meetings and rallies.  We encourage all shoppers who are interested in upping their mystery shopping game to check out the MSPA website for a lot of great, detailed industry information.


Yes!  The MSPA has an entire section on their website devoted to keeping shoppers and prospective clients up-to-date on scams and fraud preying on the mystery shopping 'model'.

Does the MSPA offer training and certifications for Mystery Shoppers?

Yes!  The MSPA has many resources, training sessions, conferences, and certification levels. The most serious Mystery Shoppers who want to move their 'side-hustle or 'gig work to a full-time income can certainly find value in becoming a member of the MSPA Americas.

How Can I Become A Shopper With Shoppers Confidential?

Very easy!  Check out our shopper sign-up page for details on what a mystery shopper is and how to sign up with us as well as a host of FAQ's about mystery shopping.

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