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How to Find a Reputable Mystery Shopping Company

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Verified mystery shopping services can redefine how you do business in a number of positive and strategic ways, but you need to ensure you're hiring trusted mystery shopping professionals who have as much experience as they do dedication to supporting your corporate goals.  Shoppers Confidential has been interviewed by CBC regarding the impact on false Mystery Shopping offers.

  1. Source Credible Mystery Shopping Professionals

    Unfortunately, some mystery shopping companies take advantage of or distort great things, which can create fear surrounding their service models. For example, some companies have been exposed to mystery shopping scams that put their team members, credibility and finances at risk. Fraudulent mystery shopping companies may attempt to solicit your business with the unfulfilled promise of bettering your customer service model simply because they aren’t leveraging the right approach to mystery shopping and fail to properly follow up on an evaluation or implement results.

    However, you also need to be aware that there are individuals who may operate under the guise of a mystery shopping company to gain access to your store, finances and products. These fake mystery shoppers will offer you absolutely no benefit and they may compromise the safety, privacy and financial security of your business, clients and/or employees.

  2. Hire a Mystery Shopping Professional with a Proven Track Record

    Shoppers Confidential has been serving corporate clients for over a decade. During this time, we have cultivated a team of mystery shopping experts who are readily able to identify the needs and opportunities of a business. Equally as importantly, they have the knowledge and resources to generate a customer service audit with meaningful data and support your way forward with qualitative and quantitative information.

  3. Choose a Company That is an Active Member of MSPA America’s

    At Shopper’s Confidential, we are a proud and active member of MSPA America’s, an accredited trade association that represents customer experience roots while also regulating the industry to protect against fraudulent businesses. The MSPA strives to maintain legitimacy and promote trusted businesses in an industry that is unfortunately prevalent to scammers. An MSPA membership is a sign of a trusted and legitimate mystery shopping experience.

    Whether you want to create an employee incentive program or improve the efficiency and effectiveness of operations, you need to choose mystery shoppers who will operate with integrity while also leveraging verified tactics for supporting your strategic plan.

Trust a Recognized Name in Mystery Shopping Services

Shoppers Confidential has a good repute, and we can show you the difference that expertise and a 'client-first' approach can make.

Don’t risk a negative mystery shopping experience by choosing an unrecognized name in mystery shopping services. While they may promise big things on a small budget, what you get will likely be far from what you bargained for. So, make the most out of the potentially lucrative and extremely productive possibilities of working with certified mystery shoppers.

Contact Shoppers Confidential today and let our team of transparent, respectful and professional mystery shoppers show you where and how you can make adjustments to bolster your bottom line and exceed customer expectations.


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