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Shoppers Confidential & Field Agent  Referral Program!

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Mystery shoppers / secret shoppers, we know that you want to:

  • Maximize your earning potential
  • Increase the ability to score free goods and services
  • Minimize travel and trips by making a route
  • Know all your available opportunities

Shoppers Confidential and Field Agent have teamed up to offer a GREAT referral program for our shoppers a Chance to Win a $50 gift card to Amazon every month, with each of us, just by signing up to be a shopper with each other!

By offering our shoppers more opportunities AND a chance to win a monthly gift card, we hope you register with both of us and share with your friends and family too!


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220px-Field-Agent-Logo-StackedYou’re already doing mystery shopping with Shoppers Confidential, and Field Agent is a great way to make a little extra money while you’re at it! Typically our tasks are simpler and faster, so it’s an easy way to make extra money while you’re already out completing your tasks for Shoppers Confidential.

Anybody can make money while shopping for groceries, going through the drive-thru for a coffee, or even sitting at home on the couch! We also offer a lot of free food tasks. That’s right! We’ll pay for your meal and your opinion on it! Our simplest task of all? We offer .50 for a picture of your Costco receipt. Just upload a picture, and you’ll earn $.50.
Other tasks we offer are anywhere surveys, store audits, mystery shopping, buy & try, and many others!
Registering with Field Agent is easy, and we’d love for you to join us!
Click Field Agent's Link Here* to find out more! 
*This link ensures you are entered into the draw to win a
monthly $50 gift card!
Learn more about Field Agent by visiting: https://www.fieldagentcanada.com/
A Note From
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If you are coming to Shoppers Confidential from Field Agent, Welcome!
Ensure you are entered into the monthly draws by registering as a shopper with us by clicking this link to our portal site and registering.
In the 'How did you hear about us' section, be sure to select
Field Agent!
Learn more about Shoppers Confidential by visiting:  https://www.shoppersconfidential.com
Contest Details
Field Agent and Shoppers Confidential will each run their contest. 
Please see Field Agent for their contest details.
Shoppers Confidential will use a computer-generated program to select a shopper randomly registered with Shoppers Confidential using the above-mentioned Field Agent referral process. The draw will occur on the first business day of the following month for the registrants from the previous month.  No purchase is required. Registrants must be 18 years or older to be a mystery shopper/secret shopper with Shoppers Confidential and to be entered to win.  Only valid shopper sign-ups will be eligible to win.
Field Agent and Shoppers Confidential are individual companies.  We support each other to ensure clients receive programs that work best for their needs and budget and that our awesome shoppers maximize their mystery shopping side hustles and chances to win through our referral program.