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How Much Does A Mystery Shopping Program Cost?

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It is always great to know what the program costs, BUT how much does it cost to lose customers due to poor customer service experiences?

  • 65-75% of mystery shoppers actually spend more than required at your establishment, covering the costs of your program when a purchase is required.
  • Mystery Shoppers identify lost upselling and cross-selling which is a huge revenue loss for business (accounting for about 30% of sales).

For every 1 complaint you receive from a customer, 26 customers who had issues, did not complain. That may sound good, but these 26 people simply don’t return to your establishment and to make matters worse they tell 9-15 people of their poor experience.

Source(s): Lee Resource and Consumer Office of Affairs

We have recently created a high-level Mystery Shopping Program Calculator to help clients get started.  Each of our  program levels offer different levels of services, included items and survey structures.  Each client is unique and so are their programs.  Getting a quote with us is always free and we would be happy to discuss your needs and budget and design a program that fits both.

Can you afford not to mystery shop?  Mystery Shopping is the proactive approach to customer service experience, because What You Don’t Know, Can Hurt You.