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Mystery Shoppers can join the MSPA too!

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You may have noticed if you have signed-up to be a shopper with Shoppers Confidential that we include a spot in your registration form to note if you have any level of MSPA certifications.  Ever wondered what that meant?

What is the MSPA?

The MSPA, Mystery Shopping Professionals Association, is a global trade organization that lends support and legitimacy to the mystery shopping (and all of the CX) industry.  You can learn more about the MSPA-America division that Shoppers Confidential is proud to be a member of at https://www.mspa-americas.org/what-is-mspa/.

I thought the MSPA was just for companies?

Nope!  In fact, the MSPA has countless webinars, courses and certifications for those shopper that want to move Mystery Shopping into a full-time role, or even just learn more to become better at what they do. The MSPA-Americas also hosts a yearly event called Shopper-fest where shoppers and representatives from several companies along with great speakers come together to learn and grow in the community.

What is the deal with the Certifications?

Some companies offer opportunities for shoppers to apply for that require a level of skill or experience.  If you are new to being a shopper with that company, they have no idea what kind of shopper you are.  By investing in certifications through the MSPA, all companies that are members of the MSPA recognise these certifications and the efforts involved in obtaining them.  If you are interested in investing in your Mystery Shopper or Merchandiser career, check out the Independent Contractor FAQ section on the MSPA website.

Is a membership or certifications necessary to become a Mystery Shopper?

Nope!  The MSPA offers Independent Contractors opportunities to 'hone their craft'. This can lend validity to their mystery shopping and merchandising abilities through courses and certifications that are an investment.  However, there is also a free standard membership that anyone is welcome to register for and it comes with a lot of great information and insights into the industry.  You do not need to be a member, paid or unpaid to shop with Shoppers Confidential.  This is just more tools for your toolbox, so to speak.

I am interested in learning more about being an Independent Contractor Member, where do I go?

Glad you asked, you can check out all the information and get started by heading over to their contractor registration page.


As always, Shoppers Confidential is always looking for great people who are interested in becoming mystery shoppers.  If you would like to learn more, or to sign up as a shopper with us (for FREE), check out our Shopper Information page.