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Why You Need a Competitor Analysis Program

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In increasingly complex and online marketplaces, knowledge is king, so it makes sense that competitor analysis programs are essential to promoting a business’ success.

From an outsider’s perspective, it’s impossible to fully understand what your competitors are doing poorly or extremely well. A strategic customer experience and competitive evaluation can give you an insider’s look at all the elements of your competitors’ business models. From their sales strategy through to their employee knowledge and store layout, professional mystery shoppers will work with you to create a plan that addresses all the questions you may have yet been able to answer yourself.

What Are Some of the Key Elements of a Competitor Analysis?

There are some key and essential elements to consider when it comes to performing an effective competitor analysis for brick-and-mortar stores and services; that includes:

  •  Product Comparisons:

    How do the amounts and qualities of your products differ from competitors, and how can this benefit or harm you?

  • Sales & Marketing Strategies

    What language, promotions and unique selling features are your competitors using to attract and retain customers?

  • Store Design & Accessibility

    When clients enter your competitors’ stores, what greets them? Are your products as easily accessible and presented in equally appealing ways?

  • Customer Service

    The way customers are treated determines whether they will come back and, equally as important, how they will speak about your business to other people. How does your competitor’s service model differ from yours and what can you learn from this?

  • online reviews

    Keep track of what the online reviews for your competitors locations are with our Social Listening and Reputation program.  Benchmark your locations against the competition and see what their customers are saying about them.

Why Invest in Professional Competitor Evaluations

When it comes to competitive knowledge, what you don’t know will hurt you. By working with professional mystery shoppers, you will gain the competitive edge of better understanding which opportunities you can take advantage of to edge ahead of the competition and better align yourself with customer needs.

Best of all, your competitive analysis will be completely customized to your business and the landscape you’re operating within. Your mystery shoppers will be selected in such a way as to ensure they will provide an objective and informative evaluation of the competitors you wish to get a read on.

Then, you will have the opportunity to review their reports and gain a better understanding as to what their interactions with your competitors were like. From there, you’ll be empowered to implement solutions that enhance your customer service model, marketing techniques and product placement and promotion.

Implement a Strategic Competitive Analysis of Your Business with Shoppers Confidential

Contact Shoppers Confidential today to learn more about our extensive mystery shopping services and competitor intelligence programs and enhance your capacity to compete with the companies who you no longer want to share your customers with.