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Mystery Shopping and Craft Brewing Industries

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Craft industries are on the rise and competition for shopper dollars is too. Many microbreweries, craft cideries and wineries are popping up everywhere, as they should be! They are a fun, mini-adventure for lots of people and a great way to create a business from passion. Competition is strong and having a plan to monitor your customer’s perception of your brand is key, and Mystery Shopping can do this.

Mystery Shopping is a very effective way to help keep a pulse on your customers' experience and how your employees are promoting your brand. Is a weekday experience just as awesome as a weekend experience? Can customers find your business online with ease? When customers enter your establishment, are they greeted, and do they feel welcome? Are your associates upselling and cross-selling? Is a long-term relationship established? There are many opportunities that an onsite Mystery Shop audit can discover for you and ensure that your customer’s experience is consistent and repeatable.

Going one better, how is your competition doing? What are they doing that you are not that could be the key to unlocking more potential profit? Is there something in the experience they offer customers that you do not? Is the price point different? What are some ‘wow factors that you can offer customers that will have them talking about and promoting your business for you?

Maybe your establishment is part of tour packages. A negative experience with the tour package can adversely affect your business, by no fault of your business. If you want to know how your customers experience the tour and the perception they have of your business from the tour, Mystery Shopping is a great way to evaluate this. Package a tour evaluation with a competitor intelligence package and in internal Mystery Shop and create a 360 view of the experience from the customer’s perspective.

Adding Social Reputation and Listening to your insights program can not only track what reviews and ratings are left for your business but your competition too!  Being able to view multiple streams of insight data all in one place to benchmark yourself to the competition is invaluable in seeing where your opportunities are.

Creating and repeating a great experience every time a customer interacts with your brand is key to repeat customers, customers promoting your business to other customers, and ultimately buying customers. Call us and let’s work out a plan to ensure that your brand is consistently at the top of the competition!


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