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How Surveys Can Boost Staff Retention

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An employee-centric survey is one of the most effective ways to boost staff retention because it demonstrates that your company is committed to supporting a positive workplace culture. Equally as important, it shows your team members that their opinions are valued, and the company is committed to evolving in accordance with employee needs. This encourages employees to feel more like collaborators than time punchers and endears them to your brand and business.

What Your Surveys Should Aim to Discover

Typically, when administering an employee satisfaction survey, there are specific elements of your business and their work lives that you want to focus on. The following four areas are a great place to start to ensure your employee survey generates meaningful results that will support your business to retain more high-quality talent:

  • Does your company make its employees feel valued?
  • Are your employees happy at work – and what does employee happiness look like within your work environment?
  • Do your employees have ideas they can contribute to better your organization?
  • What are your employees’ career goals and do they feel supported by your company to achieve them?

Ask Strategic Questions to Get Meaningful Answers

It’s important to create a survey to ascertain the answers to the above questions in a way that does not bias your employees. Further, you need to ask for their opinions in ways that show you will actually leverage the data to try to create positive changes within the workplace – rather than penalizing employees for sharing their honest feedback.

Shoppers Confidential has extensive experience collaborating with organizations of all shapes and sizes to generate surveys that produce thoughtful data and effective solutions to company challenges. By creating an easy-to-understand and highly customized survey, we will help you encourage employees to contribute their voices and value to improving workplace culture and operations.

Retain Employees by Keeping Them Happy

Remember, there are significant cost and cultural benefits to keeping employees (and that involves keeping them happy!)

Employee retention is essential for the vitality and longevity of any business. Long-term employees have invaluable knowledge about your business, and as they build upon their skill base and progress through your organization, you’ll easily recognize the value of supporting and rewarding employees who are proud to work with you.

If you want to support positive workplace culture and increase employee retention with an employee satisfaction survey that is well-organized and effectively managed, contact Shoppers Confidential to discuss your organizational goals, so we can help you hold onto the talent that will boost morale and your bottom line.