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How to Create Successful Employee Surveys & Build on the Results

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Your employees are at the heart of everything your business does, so it’s important to create employee surveys that generate meaningful results you can build on to better your business.

As the head of a company or organization, you may spend a great deal of your time far removed from the day-to-day operations of your business. Whether you are out soliciting growth from corporate clients or focused on developing your company’s strategic plan, there are many reasons why business owners may not have a fulsome enough understanding of their employees’ day-to-day to boost retainment and long-term satisfaction.

You Need to Know Which Questions to Ask and How to Ask Them

You’re passionate about your business, and you’re intimately involved in the big and little pictures that make up the overall business structure. While your enthusiasm for your organization is almost always positive, it may make objectively creating an employee survey very difficult. You may not be able to take off your “boss hat” to think through the nitty-gritty of what your employees really want to communicate, and that may compromise how and what your employee survey enables your team to express.

A Survey to Deliver Proven Insights from Your Team

Let Shoppers Confidential leverage their extensive experience, across multiple sectors and within different types of organizations, to support you to ask the right questions. From what may seem like the most basic and “obvious” questions through to more complex inquiries that really empower your employees to express themselves, Shoppers Confidential will help you create an employee survey that will work hard on your behalf.

Here to Make Sure You Actually Get Results from Your Survey Results

Our team is committed to helping you build an effective employee survey. But, stopping at a great survey won’t help your business better serve its employees or, ultimately, its customers. So, once we’ve supported you in delivering your survey, we look forward to helping you develop a plan for how you’re going to use the survey’s results via a thoughtful and well-timed implementation process.

Implement a Successful Plan

It’s so important to wield employee feedback in a respectful manner to ensure your employees don’t feel victimized for being transparent: we can help with this. More than that, we can provide tips and tricks for implementing big and small changes that will improve your business in ways that actually stick, making your employees feel heard and valued with Action Planning.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Your employees are a fundamental component of your business’ success. They continuously interact with customers, have strong foundational knowledge about your products and services and possess a rich well of experience working on the front- and back-end of your company.

Don’t let their in-depth understanding about what goes on day-to-day – and how to make it better – go to waste. Contact Shoppers Confidential today, so we can help create, implement and make the most of your next employee survey.