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Happy Employees Make Happy Customers

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It may seem obvious, but do you really understand how much of a positive correlation there is between happy employees and happy customers? Attentive employers, who are invested in their employee’s professional development and contentment, recognize the positive effects of paying close attention to their team members – because they know the faces of their company are what will help and hinder their organization’s success.

Smiling is Contagious – And So is Being in a Bad Mood

A researcher at Harvard Medical School generated strong proof that demonstrates a person’s negative demeanour may actually infect those around them, and business-minded individuals have taken note of what this means for organizational behaviour. It’s been shown, even if your employee is faking a positive mood, your customers may be able to sense their underlying negative emotions and, as a result, will be more likely to also feel and portray anti-social behaviour.

So, a content customer who is ready to engage with your brand in a positive manner – and likely make a purchase – may abandon their desire to convert just because of an unseemly interaction with your greeter or cashier. Even if the customer makes a purchase, they may leave the store carrying a negative perception of your brand, which means they’re less likely to return and much less likely to recommend you to a friend.

Happy Employees Build More Positive Relationships with Clients

When we feel good about ourselves and our positions within the workplace, we’re more likely to go above-and-beyond to satisfy the needs of our customers. Whether a piece of technology is testing our patience or a client has exceptionally discerning taste, as a happy and engaged employee, we will naturally have more patience to cope with day-to-day challenges while maintaining a positive mood. This helps ensure communication between employee and client is thorough, respectful and enthusiastic, making our customers feel valued beyond their purchasing power.  An efficient way to know your employees satisfaction is to ask them with a custom employee feedback survey.

Content Employees are More Committed to the Business and the Customer

When employees feel happy within their position, they’re more likely to stick around. Not only is reduced turnover good for your bottom line, but it actually helps build more knowledgeable and capable employees. As your team members become more seasoned professionals, they will have a greater breadth and depth of knowledge to serve each and every one of your clients’ needs.

Help Your Employees Feel Happy and Reap the Benefits of Their Great Mood

As a caring and empathetic human being, you want your employees to be happy because it’s the right thing to do. But, it also doesn’t hurt that companies with more engaged, valued and vibrant employees do measurably better than those that don’t prioritize the ways their employees feel.

To ensure you’re creating a positive environment for your employees and customers, contact Shoppers Confidential to learn more about our mystery shopping services so we can help you build effective employee reward and development programs that will generate lasting results – and lots of smiles!


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