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Innovation in a Pandemic

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Necessity is the mother of invention

As Plato famously said, ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ and before invention, comes innovation. The entire globe is reeling in the abrupt changes that the COVID-19 pandemic has created.  Business, big and small, are grappling with the economic impact physical distancing requirements have caused and wonder what can be done.

Every business still has choices, although on the surface it may seem like they do not.  Many businesses and companies are choosing to close their doors, bunker down and hope to weather the COVID-19 storm as best as they can, holding on to what they have.  The Customer Experience may change, and it is important to note that how it changes, makes the biggest difference.


Time for Innovation

Other businesses are choosing a different route, innovation.  New methods, products or ideas are surfacing from every type of industry to continue to be relevant for customers and clients and their needs of today.  For example, restaurants offering take out and delivery that did not in the past. Offices using remote work to keep the business' needs met.  Retooling factories to create other products that are in high demand instead of their core products, etc.

Many people are wondering if these innovations will continue through to the ‘after’, whenever that is.  It honestly doesn’t matter if they do.  Some businesses will try new things to stay relevant, and they won’t work.  Some businesses will try new things, and they will be ragingly successful.  It doesn’t matter.  What does matter, however,  is the effort.  Any business that has a team that innovates, creates new plans or ideas and has the courage to try them out will succeed.


The effort counts

The act of innovation is what breathes life into companies.  Therefore, being adaptable and reaching out to your team to brainstorm and trusting them enough to try something different increases employee engagement and retention.  It also shows your customers and clients that you are truly trying to meet their personal needs.

In these times of uncertainty, take time to connect with your team and challenge innovation.  Your team was there for your business ‘in the thick’, and they will likely be the ones that help your business rise above 'the thin'.