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What To Do with Customer Feedback

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Companies frequently solicit key performance indicators from their customers but rarely do they know how to effectively action customer feedback in ways that enhance experiences and sales. That’s why Shoppers Confidential doesn’t just help companies to create highly-effective customer audits, but we also collaboratively produce implementation plans that transform feedback into measurable improvements.

So, How Do You Take Your Consumer Feedback Forward?

Solicit information in ways that provide short-term solutions. While it’s important to create a feedback foundation to build upon towards overarching goals, you can’t position all of the components of your audit around lofty goals.

Instead, choose a mixture of areas to address that can be actioned immediately and those that may require a greater degree of investigation and planning. This is essential for maintaining the momentum of the initiative and ensuring a great Customer Experience.

Make It Easier for Customers to Provide Authentic Feedback

Allow for Seamless Communication from Your Customers

After years of implementing mystery shopping programs, we know what works and what doesn’t, in terms of soliciting a sufficient amount and quality of customer feedback. The important thing to keep in mind is to make the process easy for your customers, don’t take up too much of their time and ensure there is a form of validation included in the mix.

Analyze Customer Data

Where there’s a pattern, there’s a problem (or opportunity!)

When collecting customer feedback, it’s important to critically analyze the data and look for patterns that indicate where you may be under serving your clients, as well as which areas of your business are really flourishing and need to be replicated and built upon.

Let Shoppers Confidential help you notice objective and subjective indicators about how your business is and could be functioning more optimally. From emotive aspects of your service model through to meticulous matters like cleanliness and aesthetic alignment, we will help check all the boxes on a more effective and leverageable customer feedback program.

Contact our mystery shopping experts today to learn more about building and putting in place meaningful company development initiatives.