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We've Teamed Up with Get Ready Inc. for a strong COVID-19 Action Plan!

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COVID-19 is an unprecedented global disaster that made a lot of companies move their operations to remote or “work-from-home” mode. Coming back to the office or reopening a retail store/restaurant for the public is a challenging task. The challenge is not just “Getting back to the office”, but it’s doing this in a way that demonstrates safety for your employees and customers so that people have the confidence to return to their workplace or shopping activities.

Shoppers Confidential is happy to announce the start of the cooperation with Infection Prevention and Control partner, Get Ready Inc. Get Ready is specialized in online and in-person training for employees to ensure safety, instill confidence, and demonstrate regulatory compliance. Together with Get Ready and their team of medical and emergency experts, we will make sure your business meets the relevant PHAC, CDC, PHO and OSHA requirements, your employees are trained, your customers are safe.

As a first step, on-site safe workplace assessment will be conducted to evaluate the current situation and develop the plan.

Safe workplace planning as a second step will include:

  • Safe access/egress to premises
  • Parking and sidewalk directional flow
  • Consistent signage within all businesses, including COVID-19 Assessment, Hand Sanitizer, Social Distancing, Space Limitations (people in the space), Get Ready Certification Sticker
  • Maximum visitors at a time within the business, around tables, etc.
  • Hand sanitizing prior/upon entry to a business
  • Merchandise access and display – NO Touch or single samples, clothing, rules etc.
  • Washroom use
  • Checkout/cashier procedures and social distancing
  • Cleaning and disinfecting practices
  • PPE use of gloves and masks, access and inventory control
  • Safe deliveries, couriers, contractors, and vendor procedures
  • Reporting procedures regarding exposure within the company
  • Online/in-person training for all member staff


Contact Shoppers Confidential today to develop your emergency response “Get back to the office” plan including Internal Audits.


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