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Seven Industries That Can Benefit from Mystery Shopping Services

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Mystery shopping has become a fundamental part of enhancing retail services; however, there are several other types of businesses and industries that really benefit from professional mystery shopping services.

Below, we explore seven industries you may not have considered would be active users of Mystery Shopping services, but that we support every day to better their business models and attract and retain more clients.

  1. Hospitality Businesses

    A hospitality business’ success depends on creating exceptional guest experiences for clients – from the initial booking through to the time they check out. Our mystery shoppers provide a full evaluation of your on and offline booking practices, the cleanliness of your establishment and the customer service approach of your team members.

    We provide detailed mystery shopping reports providing hotels, motels, resorts and vacation rentals with the opportunity to approach guest services as effectively as possible, so that you can welcome even more happy guests back into your business. Learn more about our hospitality mystery shopping services and how we help to support these businesses.

  2. Restaurants & Dining Establishments

    With online ordering services and a proliferation of chain restaurants, this industry is one of the most competitive and difficult to excel in. That’s why, it’s essential that every guest who books with and dines at your establishment, gets to indulge in a warm atmosphere, delicious food and impeccable customer service.

    Allow our mystery shoppers a seat at your table, so they can let you know how your servers behaved, the food tasted, and the restaurant appeared. Find out more about mystery shopping for restaurants and how we help to ensure customers are having an exceptional dining experience.

  3. Cannabis Sales

    Not only does the happiness of your customers depend on how you take care of their unique cannabis needs, but the proper handling of products and alignment with government regulations may make the difference between your doors remaining open or closed.

    Shoppers Confidential provides mystery shopping for cannabis compliance. Our cannabis mystery shop program can inform you whether or not your employees and operations are adhering to government standards, which means you can make the appropriate changes and rest assured that you’ll be able to care for your clients while remaining compliant.

  4. Wineries & Craft Breweries

    Allow our experienced mystery shopping team to help you enhance your service model to cater to the discerning guests who visit your winery, brewery or distillery with our professional mystery shopping services for wineries and breweries. These guests are seeking unique venues that offer distinct products and enjoyable and educational experiences.

    From the knowledgeability of your staff through to the branding of your products, Shoppers Confidential can help distinguish your winery or craft brewery as the place to sip and savour a great time.

  5. Convenience Stores

    Convenience stores can be complex operations to manage effectively because there’s so much going on. But, it’s absolutely essential, no matter the types and quantities of products you’re providing to customers, your employees are checking government identification for the sale of tobacco, vaping products and alcohol.

    Our mystery shoppers will help you better understand how frequently your employees are adhering to age requirements, so you can protect the integrity and success of your convenience store. Learn more about mystery shopping for convenience stores and how we help to improve service and compliance.

  6. Franchises

    People always say quality over quantity, but when it comes to a franchise, you simply cannot pick and choose. As your brand grows and you take on more stores, you still need to ensure that all of them are meeting the high expectations set out within your franchise agreement.

    Our mystery shopping services for franchises are designed to take note of cleanliness, brand alignment, employee engagement and service delivery, as well as many of the other elements that a successful franchise demands. Let us work with you to enhance each of your stores until they’re all equally successful.

  7. Travel

    Whether you own a travel agency, transportation company or accommodations, mystery shopping services can empower you to enhance several components of your business. With the proliferation of Airbnb, hostels and discount travel websites, it’s important your guests feel safe, taken care of and satisfied by their experiences with your company.

    From timeliness of care through to staff service and promotional programs, Shoppers Confidential helps you understand how you’re stacking up against the competition and how you can improve your approach to service to better serve travelers with professional mystery shopping services for travel businesses.

Regardless Of Which Type of Business You Own or Manage, You Want It To Be The Best It Can Be

That’s why, no matter how many employees you have, what your company goals are or which category your organization falls into, Shoppers Confidential will look at the big, little and, potentially, catastrophic elements of your business and provide an easy-to-understand and action report.

Contact us today to better understand how we can support your unique business model to thrive within our ever-changing modern markets.