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We Are Women Business Enterprise Canada Certified!

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What Is 'Women Business Enterprise'?

Women Business Enterprise Canada (WBE Canada) is a Canadian non-profit organization that is lead by Corporate Members, that is opening the doors for Canadian women-owned businesses to supply chains across North America.  Founded by corporations to provide certification services for their supplier diversity programs, WBE Canada certifies Canadian Women Business Enterprises (WBEs) who provide products or services to corporations and government organizations.  This information, and more, can be found by visiting their website, or connecting with them socially on Instagram or on LinkedIn.



How Can This Certification Benefit Our Clients? 

  • Supplier diversity promotes innovation through the introduction of new service, products and solutions. It provides additional channels from which to procure goods and services, driving competition (on price and service levels) between the company's existing and potential vendors. 
  • Supplier diversity combines the best of our desires for a better, more equitable world and the drive to be a competitive leader in the marketplace.
  • Allows a company to take advantage of new opportunities for business expansion with the emergence of new consumer needs based upon shifting demographic realities.
  • Hiring diverse can have added tax benefits. Currently this is only available to US based companies, but this may be true for Canadian based companies soon!
  • Diverse suppliers uplift the communities where those businesses are located through job creation, increased wages, and tax revenue.  This economic impact, is a metric that demonstrates how valuable supplier diversity is to local economies and communities.
  • Women led businesses are often more innovative, cost effective and flexible - Miller Tanner.
  • Increased EQ will assist in designing your customer experience measurement program more effectively and with greater insights.
  • Working a large, collaborative, connection group means that Shoppers Confidential is always growing, improving and looking to see how we can serve our clients better everyday.
  • Clients that note to be a supporter of a diversity supply chain will benefit from our certification with their proposal for management review and approvals.


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What Did It Take To Become A 'Certified Diversity Supplier'?

To become WBE Canada certified, Shoppers Confidential under went a series of interviews, forms and processes to achieve a certification.  Not only are we a Legitimate Mystery Shopping Company, we have proven that we are greater than 51% owned by women (Shoppers Confidential is 100% women owned and managed), managed and run in Canada, and we are a legal for-profit business that is registered within Canada.  The requirements to become certified are stringent and this lends to the credibility of the program that is recognized internationally.


Starting Your Custom Program With Us

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