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#ShoppingItForward: Customer Engagement

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What is #ShoppingItForward?

Shoppers Confidential is missing connecting with our shoppers and our clients!  So we created a Social Media Interactive Campaign where we encourage shoppers, clients, fans, (or anyone!)  to participate in our posted engagements for a chance to randomly win a gift card to a local business (places will vary depending on winner) or prize pack!

Why #ShoppingItForward?

We know how important it is to keep the economy strong while being safe.  We thought feeding back into the economy by purchasing gift cards or products that can be sent straight to the winner would support this.  We want to encourage others to also consider purchasing gift cards or products safely from business to ensure success in the future for these businesses.  We chose the hashtag #ShoppingItForward because we feel connecting with our shoppers and clients are important through the act of shopping, which keeps us connected in a business sense.  We added the 'itforward' because we want to encourage others to shop and spend on businesses when they really need us to.  Keeping the economy going safely is very important to us a business and as consumers as well as keeping a Customer Experience.

How Can I Participate?

Easy!  There are several ways people can participate.

  1. Follow us and engage with the #ShoppingItForward posts on Social Media Platforms 
  2. 'Follow', 'Like', 'Subscribe',  'Share', 'Review' us too while you are there!  This helps support our business too.
  3. Recommend a business that could benefit from the boost of having a gift card (or products) purchased from them.  You can do this by tagging the company in one of the #ShoppingItForward posts, or sharing our link on that business page so that we know they want to connect with us. 

Encourage family, friends, or anyone you know and is able to participate in acts of #ShoppingItForward on their own.  Why not purchase Gift Cards now to spend at the holidays, or send someone you love and can't see a gift card or product from a business to show them that you are thinking about them.  All the small purchases done now while businesses need it most will create all the difference in the world to help them survive this storm.

Follow Us To Participate!

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Please note:  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. in no way sponsored, endorsed, or administered this giveaway or this campaign.  There is no purchase required to win. Winners will be drawn randomly from participants on the noted deadline date.  You must be over 18 and live in Canada or the US to win. You are not required to 'like, share or follow' to participate, but we sure do appreciate it!