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Five Things That Matter Most During a Customer’s Hotel Experience

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When customers initially interact with your hotel brand, they generally look for five key indicators of quality customer service that will define their experience with your hotel during their stay. In this article, we focus on five key elements in creating positive experiences for your hotel clients – ones that, for the most part, you can address by engaging your employees and reprioritizing elements of the conversion funnel.

Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

Your hotel guests need to know they are laying their heads down in pristine accommodations, and they’re not going to wait until they see the room to make this value judgement. You need to clearly communicate to staff at all levels of your organization that when they see something out of place or a countertop collecting dust, all hands are on deck in terms of upkeeping the appearance of your hotel.

Answer the Phone in a Timely and Positive Manner

Many hotels have gone the way of the website in terms of room and getaway bookings. However, customers still frequently follow up with hotels over the phone to ensure they are getting the room, dates and amenities they require to fully enjoy their stay.

It’s important your employees understand the importance of answering the phone within three or less rings to avoid aggravating valued customers’ sense of urgency and set themselves up for a successful service interaction.

This is also important when answering front-desk and receptions calls from customers who are currently staying at your hotel. Hotels that answer calls promptly, let clients know what they are being taken care of and that their needs are being met, and customers will be more likely to stay at your hotel in the near future.

Create a Great Check-in Experience

Your hotel guests may have just flown for hours on end or they may be getting geared up for a multi-day conference that is going to drain their brainpower and patience. So, each and every time your receptionists check someone in, they need to deliver an exceptional experience. Encourage your employees to achieve this by prioritizing the following:

  • Clear direction on where to access their room and amenities (within and beyond the hotel)
  • Convenience – whether it’s ensuring the guest has the WiFi password through to addressing billing issues immediately
  • Consistency, so return guests know what to expect and feel they are being treated fairly during each one of their stays

Your Employees Have the Power to Promote Guests’ Sense of Security

Very likely, your hotel services a broad range of individuals. From those hotel guests with special needs through to individuals who may just require special consideration for one evening, your staff should be encouraged to go above and beyond to ensure those visiting your hotel feel safe within – and beyond – the proximity of your hotel.

Guests Want to Feel Valued

Whether your hotel is inundated with corporate clients or guests who are gallivanting off on a gorgeous getaway, for a short or extended period of time, your hotel is home. When we’re at home, we have access to everything we need and we’re basically in charge of what we do and how things run. Therefore, when guests arrive at your hotel, your employees should be encouraged to do everything in their power, within reason, to help guests feel comfortable and content during their stay.

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