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Shoppers: Report Like A Pro with Grammarly

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Did you know that most reports that are sent back to shoppers are due to spelling, grammar, or sentence structure errors?  Here’s where Grammarly comes in, and it is about to rock your world!

Grammarly is a free add-on to your web browser that is like a built-in proof reader for your reports.  As you type, Grammarly will easily spot words that are misspelled, or misused and underlines them in red. It can also detect improper punctuation and suggest changes in the edit page as well.

Check Out How It Works In Our Reporting Portal:

As you can see, there are some mistakes in the copy that could easily be missed, but Grammarly ensures that they are flagged and that I know about them before I move on to the next question by underlining them in red.

Sample of Grammarly underlining words that require correction

When you hover your mouse over the red dot with the number ‘3’ in it, there is also a yellow circle with the number ‘1’ in it.  That is indicating the ‘advanced errors’ that you can spot and correct when you upgrade to Grammarly premium.  Consider Grammarly Premium if you are doing a large amount of online reporting or typing.

A paragraph that requires many updates for poor spelling and grammar.

Once you click on the red circle, it will take you to a pop-up with the recommended changes.  You can also hover your mouse above your words and it will show you the correction it recommends.

If you click on the green word, it will automatically change the incorrect word with the correct one for you. Super-fast and super simple!

When Grammarly is done making the changes, it will close and show you the report filled out properly and confirms with the check circle now being green with the Grammarly logo in it. This signifies that there are no grammatical or spelling errors in the text.

A sample paragraph that has been updated with Grammarly.

Available as an add-on for your web browser, or on the Google play store as an app for your phone, it will work with all your online typing from Facebook to our Shopmetrics reporting system.

To install your free add-on or app, you can click here and start saving time today!

An image link to download the Grammarly program and a Grammarly logo